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Are you interested in being a part of L.A. Care's provider network? We are excited about participating in this innovative program, and we are in the process of developing a provider network that will provide our members with a high level of service. One of our top priorities is to create a comprehensive provider network that has the expertise and capacity to care for this population. This network will be developed over the coming months. Since the program does not begin until mid-2014 and key provider details are still unknown, we will share information about rates and contracting requirements as soon as information is available.

L.A. Care is Now Accepting IPA Applications

L.A. Care is now accepting applications from Participating Physician Groups (PPG) interested in participating in L.A. Care’s Cal MediConnect program provider network. Please review and complete the forms and other information below. Please submit responses to with “Duals PPG Application” in the subject line. Attachments should be submitted separately in the same file format as the original file.


Enforcement of Disciplinary Standards

It is L.A. Care’s expectation that PPG immediately report to L.A. Care any suspected compliance issues, such as noncompliant, unethical, or illegal behavior. Such behavior may include, but is not limited to, falsifying diagnoses, claims, or other documents; refusal to cooperate with state or federal audits or investigations; and other behavior. Such reports can be made directly to L.A. Care’s Compliance Officer at (213) 694-1250, x4292. Anonymous complaints of noncompliant, unethical, or illegal conduct may also be reported by calling L.A. Care’s Compliance Helpline at 1-800-400-4889 or via the internet at The Compliance Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. PPG shall also assist in the resolution of reported compliance issues.
L.A. Care will timely, consistently, and effectively act when noncompliant or unethical behavior is found. Such action will be appropriate to the seriousness of the violation and may include de-delegation of a function, restriction of enrollment or assignment of members, withholding capitation, instituting monetary sanctions, or terminating a contract. Refer to the Participating Provider Group Services Agreement (PPGSA) for further details on these measures. PPG shall ensure that it has established, implemented, and enforced disciplinary standards that are publicized to those entities with which it contracts.
It is L.A. Care’s expectation that PPG will cooperate with L.A. Care’s efforts to monitor compliance.

Request More Information

Please complete this form if you are interested in receiving more information about becoming an L.A. Care provider, or if you have questions.


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Updated 2/21/2018


For Members Affected by the Wildfires

L.A. Care wants to ensure you have access to needed health services as our state deals with the current wildfire disaster. If you have been impacted by the wildfires, please note the following:

  • Prescriptions can be refilled at an out-of-network pharmacy if medications have been lost or left behind. Call 1-888-839-9909 for further assistance.
  • Clinical Services can be accessed out-of-network if your usual provider is unable to work due to the wildfires. Call 1-888-522-1298 for guidance in this situation.

Medical transportation, mental health services and additional information is available at the L.A. Care website.

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