How To Join

Eligible beneficiaries will get three notification mailings in a blue envelope from the State based upon their birth month. Beneficiaries can opt out of the Cal MediConnect program and stay with regular Medicare. If beneficiaries don't choose to opt out or to join a health plan, they will be "passively enrolled" into one of the available health plans. Beneficiaries can still opt out later even if they get passively enrolled.

Important Note
It is important to realize that even if your patients choose to opt out of the Cal MediConnect program, they must join a Medi-Cal health plan to continue to receive their Medi-Cal benefits, including Managed Long-Term Services & Supports (MLTSS) benefits. This choice can be made on the forms sent by the State in the blue envelope.

How You Can Help

As a trusted member of their health care team, you will likely receive many questions and you or your office staff may be asked to help your patients complete their forms. If you have questions about how this new program will benefit your patients, please contact L.A. Care at 1-888-839-9909 for additional assistance.


CMS Approved
Updated 5/05/2015


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